Brick Fanatics Magazine 12 Issue Subscription (2-13)


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Brick Fanatics Magazine is back and now available monthly. Already bought Issue 1 and want to make sure you don’t miss another copy? Then subscribe from Issue 2 for 12 issues to guarantee you receive every copy as soon as it is printed, to qualify for free postage, and at a cost of only 11 issues.

As we release the sequel to late 2018’s launch issue of this A5, 80-page print publication all about LEGO, there’s no better time to focus on The LEGO Movie’s own sequel, The LEGO Movie 2.

Interviews, artwork and behind-the-scenes concept work provide readers with an exclusive insight into how the LEGO Group created the post-apocalyptic world of Bricksburg as we now see it in the 2019 film.

Issue 2 is packed with further exclusive interviews, unique reviews, builds, unrivalled insight and much more. Whatever your level of interest and involvement in the brick world, there’s something in each issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine for you.

Subscribe for 12 issues at the cost of only 11 issues to guarantee you receive every copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine as soon as it is available. What’s more, subscriptions qualify for free postage.

There’s also the option to subscribe for 24 issues of Brick Fanatics Magazine, at the cost of only 21 issues – click here.