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Brick Fanatics Magazine is a new 80-page, A5-size print magazine all about LEGO, for fans of the brick looking to build upon their hobby in any way they want to. The magazine is released monthly – subscribe to guarantee you do not miss a copy, and to benefit from multi-issue savings and free postage and packaging.

In Issue 3 the LEGO Group talk about their unique collaboration with video game developers Blizzard for the LEGO Overwatch range, whilst we also introduce a unique and new How To section packed with tips, tricks and techniques to build upon your LEGO hobby.

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Issue 3 of Brick Fanatics Magazine leads with an interview with two of the team from the LEGO Group who worked on bringing Overwatch to brick life. They lift the lid on an interesting collaboration with the video game’s developers, Blizzard, and reveal how the LEGO Group went about creating LEGO sets based on the colourful, virtual world.

This edition also debuts a new section for Brick Fanatics Magazine How To. A simple name signposts a fascinating selection of pages packed with so much, including builds of varying difficulty and size, a number of different tips and techniques, as well as many other interesting avenues into the LEGO hobby. This is a part of the magazine that is certain to interest any LEGO fan looking to build upon and develop their brick-based knowledge and experience.

Also inside: Porg spotting in Britain; If you had more than one Quidditch set…; Bastion set LEGO designer walkthrough; Builds from the LEGO archive; New Classic Space custom LEGO set; Conceptualising LEGO Pirates; Where do Q elements come from?