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Subscribe now for 24 issues of Brick Fanatics Magazine, for the price of only 21 issues, and with free postage

Brick Fanatics Magazine is a new 80-page, A5-size print magazine all about LEGO, for fans of the brick looking to build upon their hobby in any way they want to.

Packed with brick-based content, from tailored sections to one-off features, Brick Fanatics Magazine is carefully designed to give the reader an immersive and comprehensive LEGO experience each and every issue.

The 24-issue subscription is available now for the price of 21 issues. Postage and packaging on subscriptions is free, worldwide.

Subscribe now to receive Issue 1 of Brick Fanatics Magazine from October 26. Issue 2 is scheduled for release in early 2019, from when the magazine will be published monthly.

The magazine will be published on a limited print run – our subscriptions not only offer good value, but are also the only opportunity to guarantee your copy of each and every issue.

Inside the magazine

There are three regular sections to Brick Fanatics MagazineOn Topic offers insight, opinion, statistics and humour on the latest goings on in the LEGO world; Review+ brings a new level of focus and presentation to the most interesting LEGO releases with more than just simple reviews; and Retro provides a healthy dose of nostalgia, from fun facts on classic sets to new builds in old themes.

Each issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine also has columns from Christian Faber, a man involved in many of the LEGO themes you will have played with over the past 30 years; Kevin Hinkle, fresh from 12 years working at the LEGO Group and bursting with fascinating stories from behind the scenes; and innovative fan builder Jme Wheeler, whose quantity of LEGO bricks is matched only by his number of ideas on what to do with them.

Alongside all of the above, each issue contains LEGO builds, tips, graphics, interviews, features and much more. There is a lot to discover in every issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine, and something for every LEGO fan.