Quality issues with Sainsbury’s LEGO Create the World trading cards?

The LEGO Create the World trading cards, currently given away for free with shopping done at Sainsbury’s stores, are having a few quality control issues.

The Sun report that social media users are finding missing cards and badly cut cards, sharing their frustration with the national supermarket chain.


Dawn Harriot messaged a photo that suggested she found just half a card in one of her packs

Olli Anders messaged the firm: “Hey Sainsbury’s, recently went to one of your stores and got my shopping done and received some of your new promo Lego card pack, weird thing is though is that they say 4 per pack and out of 9 packs only 6 had 4 cards in.

Sainsbury’s provided the follow comment in response to being asked if there is any quality control issue: ‘Our free LEGO trading cards are proving to be very popular and we’re sorry if anyone has been disappointed. They should contact our Careline who will be able to correct this.’ Sainsbury’s Careline can be contacted on 0800 636 262.


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