Re-sellers make money on Sainsbury’s LEGO Create the World album

A scarcity of the LEGO Create the World collector album during a Sainsbury’s promotion has led to fans having to resort to online resellers.

National UK publication The Sun is reporting disappointment among parents who were told Sainsbury’s supermarkets had sold out of the LEGO Create the World collector album, only to find them plentiful on reselling websites often at inflated prices.

One seller appears to have made around £7,000 shifting 500 albums despite parents claiming they couldn’t find copies

The Create the World promotional ran for six weeks, allowing fans to pick up free trading cards with their shopping or buy packs for 50p. The album, designed to hold the cards, was priced at £2.


[Clare Clilverd] told Sun Online: “Every time we went in we were told they hadn’t got any left and how popular they were.

“It’s ridiculous that since they’ve been taken off sale there are now people appearing on e-Bay with hundreds of copies making serious amounts of money. Where did they get them from in the first place?

Sainsbury’s advised that leftover albums were given to schools and charities, refusing to sell them once the promotional period had ended.

On a more positive note for collectors, the packs of cards are also available on eBay at a fraction of the original retail price – so anyone who has to pay over the odds for an album can offset the cost by saving money on the cards themselves.


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