Remembering the LEGO Group’s flagship stores around the world

The LEGO Group’s retail space around the world expands every year, including with specialised flagship stores that are worth a digital world tour.

The LEGO Group has more than 700 stores around the world with more opening year after year. However, while most of these are the same layout of brick-based retail locations, there are a select few with unique designs and models that celebrate the culture or the surrounding area of their region.

In recent years, the LEGO Group has started to implement a new ‘retailtainment’ concept in their stores, offering interactive activities to enhance the shopping experience, but before this initiative was announced there were more than a few flagship stores around the world that included unique models. As we look towards the future and the opening of a new flagship location in Munich, let’s revisit a few of the specialised stores for bricks around the world.

The LEGO Group’s range of flagship stores spans Europe, China, North America, Canada and more with one of the most interesting areas being in Amsterdam. Pictured in the above gallery, the shop opened in 2019 with huge builds decorating the stairs and open spaces that celebrate Dutch culture.

From Leicester Square to the most recently opened flagship store in Barcelona, the differences between the newer and older retail locations represent both the LEGO Group’s rollout of the ‘retailtainment’ concept and how each store can offer a unique experience despite them having much of the same features thanks to their massive model installations like a twisting robotic dragon in Shanghai.

China is home to multiple flagship stores according to the LEGO Group including one in Hangzhou (pictured above), Shanghai Disney Town, the People‚Äôs Square in Shanghai and Wangfujing in Beijing. These are part of the recent efforts to expand the LEGO Group’s reach in China which has recently seen the expansion of a factory.

Across the ocean in 2021, New York’s Fifth Avenue location was the first store to feature the new concept and included models based on Marvel, Ghostbusters and the New York skyline. On top of the builds, the LEGO store also features interactive activities that would later be included in the Barcelona and upcoming Munich shops.

At least one more LEGO flagship store is confirmed and more are likely to come as the company continues to report profits in the financial results. However, smaller stores will continue to open that offer the same promotions and sets as their larger counterparts. Ireland has been revealed as the next spot for a store as the region’s first physical official LEGO retail space.

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