Retailers move in following Toys R Us closure

With Toys R Us no longer part of the US retail experience, other stores are seeking to gain toy sales in the lead up to Christmas.

AP reports that following the closure of significant LEGO retailer Toys R Us, other retailers are seeking to gain market share in the US toy market. Demos and events are being introduced by a number of retail chains to attempt to draw in shoppers.
According to NPD, the company that gathers data on toy sales, $3 billion in toy sales are up for grabs now that Toys R Us has closed. Party City opened up 50 pop up stores, known as Toy City, that feature giant LEGO dinosaur builds along with other interactive displays.

As for Wal*Mart, the retailer is refreshing 30% of the toy assortment for the Christmas season, rebranding the section as “America’s Best Toy Shop”. Over at Target, additional space will be given over to toys at 500 stores that are close to where a Toys R Us previously operated. Event such as a recent LEGO Minecraft scavenger hunt will also be part of the chain’s offering.

A Mexican based company, Distroller World, is considering increasing its US presence. The experience based store focuses on interactivity, allowing parents and children to adopt an alien baby delivered from space. The online giant Amazon is intending to release a toy catalogue, that will reach consumers via Whole Foods stores.

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