Revisit and reimagine LEGO with Brick Fanatics Magazine’s Retro

Classic themes, standout sets and many an odd LEGO story make up Brick Fanatics Magazine’s Retro section

The LEGO Group’s history is as varied and intriguing as it is long and unusual, and it is increasingly significant to LEGO fans of all ages and backgrounds. Wherever your current interests within the brick world exist, they can usually be traced back to a particular experience with a LEGO set, theme or moment unique to you.

For every new release that is pored over, epic castle that is built, or LEGO Star Wars set added to the collection, has come a past instance putting together an old Town firestation, taking a spaceman with broken chinstrap out beyond the living room, or visiting a LEGO show for the first time.

The wide variety of things that we do in this LEGO world today come from a passion forged in us through past experiences with the brick. The influential nature of LEGO play and the lasting impact that it has is testament to the creativity that it encourages. It’s the launch pad and inspiration for why and how many of us do what we do today, be it LEGO or not.

That inspiration is locked into the LEGO Group’s DNA and into every one of its many thousands of past LEGO sets (even Galidor), and is what drives Retro in each issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine, the newly-launched 80-page LEGO magazine, available for purchase now.

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Whatever your memories of LEGO, this is a section that issue by issue will flood your senses with nostalgia. If it’s simply through revisiting classic sets from the LEGO Group’s ever-expanding roster, then we have you covered. Retro also takes design points, colour palettes and unusual pieces from old themes as inspiration for new builds. Furthermore, we provide facts you didn’t know about sets you thought you knew everything about, and re-tell some of the many weird and wonderful brick-based stories.

Retro revisits everything that we all love about LEGO and that has inspired us over the years, and adds creativity, photography and storytelling, to perfectly round out every issue of Brick Fanatics Magazine. Relive, rebuild and re-inspire your LEGO with Retro.

Find out more about Brick Fanatics Magazine here, including a look into our Review+ and On Topic section, and visit to purchase single copies or take advantage of our excellent subscription offers today.

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