Rocket Launch Site F3-L1X / Quadrant 6

So, you find that you have gotten a little overexcited and purchased not one, not two, but six Rocket Boy minifigures from Collectible Minifigures Series 17 – what do you build?

I’ve played about with LEGO microscale builds before but never been happy enough with the output to photograph and share them. The ‘suit’ part from the Collectible Minifigures Rocket Boy minifigure has already become a firm favourite and I’ve seen it used in the background of minifigure scale builds – I wanted to try something slightly different and decided to use it within a microscale build.

The build began with the tan base which really dictated the layout of the remainder of the build process. The buildings at the rear are secured to the base using the SNOT parts I included in the base but there are some parts, such as the two domes in the foreground, which are simply placed.

I really wish I could take the credit for the use of the roller-skate part for the miniature vehicles but I’m almost certain that I’ve seen this done before – I played about with a number of different parts but decided that attaching a cheese slope was the most effective. The red/grey colour combination of the rockets is wonderful and presenting them against a tan backdrop really worked for me so I tried to avoid introducing too many other colours, especially in the first two thirds of the build as you view it front to rear.

The only thing left to figure out is what else I could build using six Rocket Boys…


See more of Justin’s work at his Flickr feed, which can be found under the handle justin_m_winn

Justin Winn

I'm long-time LEGO fan who fully emerged from my ‘dark age’ in 2014, after three children and a lot of LEGO building reignited my interest. My first love is Classic Space – they're the first sets I owned – and this passion is reflected in my creations as a recurring theme. You can see my LEGO builds on Flickr, where my handle is justin_m_winn.

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