Rogue One LEGO, will we see Slave 1?

Plenty of photos for everything we can expect in the summer came out of the German toy fair. Again our thanks goes to Promobricks who attended the event and allowed us to share news and photos. However, Star Wars was shrouded in secrecy but when we can share certain parts we will.

What we do know is a total of seven sets were announced. The three Star Wars ™ themes are organized into: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rebels ™ and the new television series LEGO® Star Wars ™ “The Free Maker Adventures”. The new series is planned for August which is when the sets will be available.

One piece of news is concerning this year’s Rogue One film as we will be getting sets based on that standalone feature too.  From the image below it does look like we will be getting a new Slave 1 with a different paint job which is quite exciting.

rogue one

So some Star Wars fodder for you now. The ship appears to be the bounty hunter’s modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack vehicle. Originally used by Jango Fett, Slave 1 came into Boba Fett’s possession after Jango’s death. Rumours suggest that Felicity Jones’s character is Boba Fett’s daughter, which would make his ship’s appearance a little less surprising. Her costume is currently on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany.

With the recent UCS Slave 1, the retail version might seem a little weak compared to the beauty of the UCS Version, however if like me you’ve yet to own the UCS version this could be a good chance to own one of the most iconic star ships of all time at a more reasonable price.





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