Successful projects in Round 3 of LEGO BrickLink Designer Program quickly decided

The projects in the final round of the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program that will become real sets have been quickly decided.

It’s only been minutes since the third round of the BrickLink Designer Program started, but we already know which five models will be sent out as official sets, as backers were ready and waiting to place their order.

These are the five projects that made it to 3,000 pre-orders in the third round first:

1950s Diner – £99.99 / $129.99 / €109.99
Train Station: Studgate – £299.99 / $399.99 / €339.99
Winter Chalet – £149.99 / $199.99 / €169.99
Modular Construction Site – £245.99 / $319.99 / €269.99
Mountain View Observatory – £245.99 / $319.99 / €269.99

It’s an expensive selection of builds but that hasn’t discouraged backers as pre-orders are still flooding in. At the time of writing, Winter Chalet is at about 5,000 orders – halfway to the maximum of 10,000.

There’s still 34 days to go until the BrickLink Designer Program ends on June 21, though it looks like Round 3 won’t last that long judging by how quickly the orders are being placed.

This is the final stage of the BrickLink Designer Program, but for those new to the campaign we’ve summarised everything you need to know about Round 3 before the models sell out for good.

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