Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Perth recreated as LEGO model

A churchgoer in Perth, Australia has built a LEGO recreation of Saint Mary’s Cathedral.

LEGO fan and parishioner David Lefort has built a LEGO model of Saint Mary’s Cathedral, which is located in Perth, Australia. His build uses 8,800 pieces and is intended to educate visitors to the church and depict history in an engaging way.

“I’ve always been mesmerised by the Cathedral’s beauty since my first visit back in 2003 and being my favourite building in WA, I wanted to create more awareness of its place within the heart of Perth,” he told The Record. “I thought that it would be a good idea to have a model of the Cathedral that visitors and school children on school tours could see as a whole and have a better appreciation of its architecture.”

LEGO St Marys

He is a part-time tour guide at the cathedral, where his model is now in display. He explained how he managed to get the build to look as accurate as it does: “I took many photographs of the Cathedral from the various angles, read the book about the Cathedral and looked at building plans to get a better understanding of its design, structure, shape, size, and space.”

The LEGO fan has received attention in his non-LEGO community for his hobby, demonstrating how different interests can be combined through the power of the brick.

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