Save 10% on custom LEGO parts and minifigures at FireStar Toys this November

We’ve partnered with FireStar Toys to bring Brick Fanatics readers 10% off custom LEGO parts, minifigures and accessories this November.

FireStar Toys currently stocks more than 25,000 official and custom LEGO minifigures, parts and accessories, both of its own design and from other third-party manufacturers such as Arealight, Clone Army Customs and BrickArms. 

Looking to equip your Star Wars minifigures with more screen-accurate blaster rifles and lightsaber hilts? FireStar has you covered. Want to introduce a little reality into your LEGO city layout with printed smartphone tiles or Coca-Cola bottles? You’ll find them at FireStar. There’s a huge swathe of elements to choose from, including plenty inspired by the latest and greatest trends in pop culture.

We’re obviously talking about Squid Game – who isn’t talking about Squid Game right now? – because FireStar Toys has leaned heavily into Netflix’s biggest show to date, with custom minifigures of all the main characters, unique heads and even series-specific tiles, such as the game invite and the honeycomb-like dalgona candy, complete with an umbrella print.

From now through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, using code BF10 at FireStar Toys will net you a blanket 10% discount on everything currently available at the third-party retailer. That includes all those brand new Squid Game items, already-reduced products in the sales and deals section, and even FireStar Toys’ recently-launched Mystery Bags.

Available in two sizes – either 10 or 20 items – the new Mystery Bags involve spinning the roulette wheel on FireStar Toys’ extensive library of custom LEGO parts and elements. At a minimum, you’ll receive at least one minifigure in the smaller pack, and two minifigures in the larger pack, and FireStar Toys aims to provide items ‘approximately double the value of the bags’.

The smaller pack also includes a limited-edition BrickArms weapon in a colour not otherwise available directly through the website, while the larger pack contains two. The rest will be comprised of a random assortment of items including custom printed parts, accessories, mini LEGO sets, polybags and more.

Head through to FireStar Toys today to take advantage of our exclusive discount using code BF10 at checkout.

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