Save 50% on LEGO lighting at Lightailing this Black Friday

Lightailing is offering a huge 50% discount on its entire LEGO lighting range for Black Friday, and you can take advantage of that deal for an extended period with Brick Fanatics.

This week is basically the best time possible to start or add to your custom lighting collection, with a blanket half-price offer available for the entirety of Friday, November 26. Lightailing is one of the very best companies offering lighting kits tailor-made to specific LEGO sets, along with DIY kits you can use on any set you want.

Whether you’re snapping up your very first Lightailing kit or you’re already a huge fan of their lighting solutions, Black Friday is the optimum day for securing this discount – unless you’re a Brick Fanatics reader, that is.

For everyone else, there’s a 10% drop after Black Friday, with the level of discount available falling to 40% on Saturday, November 27 and Sunday, November 28. However, we’ve organised an exclusive discount code you can use on the Saturday in order to retain your half-price deal.

Simply enter the code LTBF50 at checkout, which will allow you to still get 50% off your Lightailing order on Saturday only. Whether you’re busy on Black Friday or still making your decisions and wanting to sleep on it, don’t wait any longer than this, as your discount will drop to 40% on Sunday. 

We love bringing you exclusive deals and discounts on LEGO, and we’re able to do this thanks to things like our affiliate links, which bring us a small commission when you make a purchase using them. 

Part of our service is bringing you the latest and greatest LEGO Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, with our dedicated pages the best place to stay on top of everything that’s going on at this exciting time of year for LEGO fans.

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