School children design anti-coronavirus LEGO disinfectant dispenser

With coronavirus spreading around the world, school students in Taiwan have built an automated disinfectant dispenser using LEGO elements.

A group of students at an elementary school in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, have constructed an automated disinfectant dispenser using LEGO bricks to help prevent epidemics such as coronavirus, Reuters reports. Everyone at their school is using the contraption, that features a voice recording that tells those using it: “Washing hands is super.”

Once a pair of hands is sensed by the machine, it dispenses alcohol disinfectant from a spray bottle using a gearwheel mechanism.

To illustrate the importance of hand-washing, younger students have produced pictures that are displayed next to the machine, showing scenarios in which hygiene vital such as a hospital operating table.

Linyuan Elementary School’s students have won prizes through the robotics club. Given the area’s dependence on the petrochemical sector, the school puts an emphasis on teaching such skills.

LEGO Group CEO, Niels B. Christiansen recently said that the coronavirus outbreak is creating “some short-term uncertainties, but it doesn’t change the long-term strategy with our investments.”

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