School sets LEGO minifigures to work repairing a cracked wall

While waiting for quotes to fix a crack in a wall, a school has put some tiny LEGO builders to work.

After experiencing damage from harsh winter weather, Southfield Primary School needed to save up to make some repairs to its front wall. In the meantime, the school management decided to make passersby smile by assigning a team of four LEGO minifigures to work on the crack in the plaster.

“Everyone recognises Southfield Primary School with its big blue wall at the front of school,” headteacher Sarah Pollard said, according to Luton Today. “Unfortunately, the cold and wet weather over the winter months have left it looking a little worse for wear. Some of the render has come away from the brickwork and there are cracks appearing. This is going to cost money to fix and we are getting quotes from local companies to get it fixed.

“In the meantime, we thought we would have some fun with it and got some tiny builders to start the work.”

The school is still gathering quotes to fix the wall properly but for now are happy to let the team of tiny yellow men do what they can.

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