Scientists use LEGO bricks for modular microfluids

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists are using LEGO bricks to create a modular microfluid system that will work around the world.

When looking for a modular microfluid system, scientists at MIT landed on LEGO bricks. Because of the conformity and consistency of LEGO bricks, they allow systems to be replicated without much room for error.

TechCrunch reported the brick based method:

Their first tests involve creating a microfluid pump and sorter using basic Lego parts. Because they can trust Lego bricks to be consistent around the world, they can easily create complex microfluidics kits that can be assembled almost anywhere.

“You could then build a microfluidic system similarly to how you would build a LEGO castle — brick by brick,” said lead author Crystal Owens, a graduate student in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. “We hope in the future, others might use LEGO bricks to make a kit of microfluidic tools.”


Taking LEGO bricks as the basis, MIT is creating an entirely new microfluid system.


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