Showing Off Your LEGO Masterpieces

Whether a LEGO set meticulously constructed step-by-step or a lovingly-crafted MOC, the fruits of your block-based labours deserve to be seen. Too often is the finished article relegated to the corner of a cramped desk, or, even worse, the floor – where danger strikes with the lightest of missteps, the most innocuous of stumbles. Initially you might be hesitant to make your LEGO creations a notable aspect of your bedroom, but a room can benefit greatly from interesting pieces that break the mould in some form or another. Here we will explore the best ways to save your masterpieces from the dangers of the carpet and instead show them off for all to see, and revitalise your room to boot!

The first and foremost in display solutions, the nexus of collection-presentation, might be said to be the collector’s display case. While some searching might be necessary to find the perfect fit for your individual bedroom needs, the display case would be invaluable for protecting and displaying your works. LEGO-specific display cases do indeed exist, from wall-mounted ‘canvases’ to standalone blocks with case protectors. These brand-tailored displays are pricey but by-definition are perfect for storing and showcasing your masterpieces.

For a more decor-friendly approach to bringing your LEGO products into view, less specific modes of display are more than apt. Wall-mounted shelving provides a simple, eye-catching method of display, freeing your designs from the metaphorical shackles a display case can create around them. High-mounted shelving keeps the room clutter-free, your works from risk of injury, and puts your masterpieces on the pedestal they well and truly warrant.

For a slightly bolder decorative move, repurpose a glass-doored drinks cabinet to host your models alongside other items, from jewellery to records to even your keys and loose change. Not only will you have a quirky, useful piece of furniture which integrates easily with your decor and style of life, but a unique display for your constructions.

These ideas, however apt for the presentation of your LEGO pieces, don’t quite solve the inevitable fallout from any earnest LEGO creation session: the leftovers. However wonderful your finished products look in display, the overall effect will doubtless be marred by the LEGO you haven’t used, are yet to use, or just plain doesn’t belong in view, not to mention under-foot. These woes are easily solved by integrating storage with your furniture, with this Ottoman from Bedstar allowing you to keep your room de-cluttered and functional.

These are but the tip of the iceberg for possible solutions to storing the finished product; what are your solutions? How do you proudly display your brick-founded sculptures to the house, or even the world at large? Let us know your approaches, however makeshift, in the comments below!


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