Six incredible LEGO castles that should inspire the 90th-anniversary set

With rumours of a new LEGO castle, we’re looking at six fan-made builds that should inspire a future set, be it the 90th-anniversary set or another.

The upcoming 90th-anniversary LEGO model is reported to be based on Castle out of the four themes that made it to the final stage of the Ideas poll, and that might make sense. While this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s fair to say that there is demand for more LEGO castles beyond 31120 Medieval Castle.

With that in mind, we’ve found six incredible LEGO castles made by fans that should serve as inspiration for a future model.

6 – Joel Midgley’s Hingston Castle

Hingston Castle
Image: Joel Midgley

The landscaping demonstrated in Hingston Castle by Joel Midgley is an example of how LEGO bricks can be used to create incredibly realistic environments. A variety of sets have used natural colours in landscaping, but combining this with a castle in an expensive, 18+ set could showcase the true potential that these elements have when it comes to the natural world mixed with man-made creations.

5 – LEGO Paradise’s Castle Kingdom

Despite the name of the nostalgic theme, fortresses aren’t the only aspect of LEGO Castle as LEGO Paradise showcases their fully-motorised kingdom. While motorising a massive set for retail might be out of the question, including additional buildings outside of the castle for the commoners to live in could help demonstrate the full extent of models that made up LEGO Castle.

4 – Ben Pitchford’s Castle Rock Falls

Castle Rock Falls
Image: Castle Rock Falls

At a rumoured price of an eye-watering €349.99, the reported LEGO 90th-anniversary castle could be massive, not just in width but also in height. Ben Pitchford’s Castle Rock Falls is one particularly tall build that helps demonstrate the scale that height can add to huge castle creations. It also includes a small area outside of the fortress, building on a previous point.

3 – Benjamin Stenlund’s The Crowning of Wilfred Sigurd

The Crowning of Wilfred Sigurd
Image: Benjamin Stenlund

In a potential future LEGO Castle model, we’d like to see a decent amount of attention paid to the interior as seen in the above build by Benjamin Stenlund. From the intricately-curved columns to the stained glass windows, any number of the techniques featured in the fan-made model could improve the interior of an official LEGO Castle set.

2 – Eggy Pop’s Estaury Stronghold

Estuary Stroghold
Image: Eggy Pop

The colours showcased in the construction of Estuary Stronghold by Eggy Pop detail what can be done when moving beyond grey and black while keeping things realistic. The use of dark green, brown and white bricks in the castle help to draw the eyes to specific areas of the build while making it look more populated than typical fortresses.

1 – Styggron’s Rattay Courtyard

Rattay Courtyard
Image: Styggron

Based on a location in the Kingdom Come Deliverance game, which is itself by the real Rattay Castle, Styggron’s Rattay Courtyard showcases what can be done with another area of a castle’s interior, with a muddy and filed courtyard used to train, keep horses and host feasts. Decorating the courtyard of LEGO castles can help bring life to the build when viewed from above, or even unfolded.

Featured image: Joel Midgley

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