Six LEGO sets that encourage personalisation

LEGO sets cover a wide variety of age groups and topics, but even the biggest models manage to encourage personalisation in their own way.

From the Wizarding World of LEGO Harry Potter and one of its biggest models to the creativity-focused theme of DOTS, here are six sets that embrace personality and customisation in the build.

6 – 76391 Hogwarts Icons – Collectors’ Edition

76391 alt2

Most of 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition is static, acting mostly as a display model based on recognisable items based on Harry Potter, but there’s one area of the set that encourages you to personalise it in a way that few others do. The provided letter is not addressed to anyone, with a line for you to sign your own name using a pen. Yes, this LEGO set encourages you to write on it.

5 – 10304 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

lego 10304 chevrolet Camaro z28 contents

Also aimed at an older audience is 10304 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, which includes several options to customise the body of the vehicle. You can change the headlights, the stripe colour, the license plate and even whether or not it has a roof, allowing you to personalise your build and set it apart from other copies.

4 – 41961 Designer Toolkit – Patterns


You might have guessed that LEGO DOTS would make an appearance on this list and any model in the theme encourages personalisation. However, we’ve picked 41961 Designer Toolkit – Patterns for how it summarises the new and existing elements of LEGO DOTS in 2022 with patches, bracelets, standard plates and more.

3 – 21226 Art Project – Create Together

LEGO Art 21226 Art Project contents

Most LEGO Art sets include multiple options for rebuilding the main mosaic into a different artwork. However, 21226 Art Project is one of two unlicensed LEGO Art creations with a white frame and it focuses on letting you make a collage of smaller mosaics. Several inspirational instructions are included but you’re more than welcome to depict anything you want on one of the nine plates or use all nine to make one big mosaic.

2 – 40541 Manchester United Go Brick Me


Both 40542 FC Barcelona Go Brick Me and 40541 Manchester United Go Brick Me use the Go Brick Me branding to denote that they are personalisable BrickHeadz but based on both sports teams. Not only can you customise the hair and skin colour but also the numbering on the uniforms to represent your favourite team.

1 – 60353 Wild Animal Rescue Missions


As an all-new concept for 2022, LEGO CITY Missions has three sets so far and we’ll use 60353 Wild Animal Rescue Missions as an example. Other than LEGO DOTS, this is one of the most personalisable experiences on this list, with a narrative that encourages you to think up a creative answer to a problem through building a model without instructions. A base creation is provided through instructions to make the experience more accessible too.

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