Six non-speedy LEGO Speed Champions cars we want to see

With the recent revelation that LEGO Speed Champions isn’t necessarily about fast cars, here are five slower vehicles we’d like to see get sets. 

In a recent interview, LEGO designer Chris Stamp confirmed that cars eligible for LEGO Speed Champions don’t have to be fast. With that in mind, it could open the door for models of less-speedy vehicles in the future. 

While nothing has been confirmed for the future of LEGO Speed Champions, here are Six slower LEGO Speed Champions cars we’d like to see. 

5 – 1966 GMC 1000 

1966 GMC 1000 GR Auto Gallery
Image: GR Auto Gallery

The last LEGO Speed champions truck was featured in 75875 Ford F-150 Raptor & Ford Model A Hot Rod in 2016.  

It’s about time for another and we’d like a LEGO recreation of the vintage, but stylish 1966 GMC 1000 to see how its iconic shape could be captured in bricks. 

4 – Citroën 2CV 

Citroen 2CV
Image: Top Gear

Either the Volkswagen Beetle or Citroën 2CV could fit into this slot, though the Citroën 2CV may lend itself better to a LEGO car at this scale.  

In any case, these slower but classic cars could be interesting to see in LEGO Speed Champions

3 – Reliant Robin and Peel P50 

Since LEGO Speed Champions is open to slower cars, the three-wheeled Reliant Robin seems like an obvious choice for the design team.  

It could be a fun challenge to see how the designers approach the stability and basic functionality of this vehicle and its unique design. Since it’s smaller than most other vehicles, it could even be paired with the similarly three-wheeled Peel P50 for a double pack. 

2 – 2015 Land Rover Defender 

2015 Land Rover Defender
Image: Historics Auctioneers

The 2015 Land Rover Defender is an icon of off-road transportation that we’d like to see given the Speed Champions treatment and thanks to 42110 Land Rover Defender, a partnership between Land Rover and the LEGO Group is already in place. 

1 – 1984 Mercury Colony Park 

1984 Mercury Colony Park
Image: Classic Cars

With a wood-laden design, the 1984 Mercury Colony Park is one of the most recognisable station wagons, though any could fit into this slot just as well. 

Especially for the integration of wood panelling, we’d like to see a station wagon get a LEGO Speed Champions set, following the appearance of wood panelling in 10306 Atari 2600

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3 thoughts on “Six non-speedy LEGO Speed Champions cars we want to see

  • 19/09/2022 at 13:54

    had one of the best suspension that was ever maid it is a classic 2cv
    robin relient now that brings back memories fantastic little car

  • 19/09/2022 at 10:41

    Please no on the abomination from Citron.

  • 19/09/2022 at 05:06

    Any ‘40s or 50’s woody. Forget the fake wood on the Mercury. The real wood on the Woodys from GM, Ford and Dodge were amazing. The shape of this era of car would be great in brick built as it was in the Farm Truck.


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