Six things we found in the LEGO 71033 The Muppets Collectible Minifigures

The full reveal of LEGO 71033 The Muppets has finally arrived, and we’ve found six references and other interesting things that you need to see.

While we wait for the release date of 71033 The Muppets, as well as 71035 The Muppets 6 pack on May 1, 2022, we’ve looked through all 12 minifigures and sifted through out knowledge of The Muppets, finding six notable inclusions to help you pass the time.

6 – The Beethoven bust

LEGO 71033 The Muppets Rowlf

Rowlf the Dog has a talent for playing the piano, showcasing his talent on TV and in films. In one episode of The Muppets Show, Rowlf played Beethoven’s Pathétique to a bust of the composer, putting the sculpture to sleep. That bust is included in 71033 The Muppets.

5 – Beethoven’s Pathétique

Also featured as an additional accessory in 71033 The Muppets is what we believe is a segment of the sheet music for Beethoven’s Pathétique. As a tip for reading the sheet music brick, the round area that would usually connect to the other half of a book element is the bottom of the page.

4 – Camilla the Chicken

LEGO 71033 Gonzo Camila

The love of Gonzo’s life is Camilla the chicken, and the pair aren’t separated in 71033 The Muppets as Camilla is included as an exclusive design for the existing chicken brick.

3 – Scooter

LEGO 71033 Scooter

The partial design for another The Muppets minifigure is included with Waldorf as the character appears to be on a video call with Scooter, usually depicted as the backstage manager for The Muppets Show. The appearance of Scooter on a laptop with the messages may be a reference to Muppets Now, a series on Disney+ where Scooter would communicate with the rest of the cast to organise the online show.

2 – The LEGO Rainbow Connection

LEGO Rainbow connection 71033 Kermit

Two more interesting inclusions can be found in the Kermit minifigure. Kermit the Frog is well known for his rendition of The Rainbow Connection, a song originally from The Muppet Movie in 1979. A printed rainbow on a curved tile is featured with his minifigure, undoubtedly referencing the music number.

1 – A new LEGO banjo

Also referencing The Rainbow Connection is a brand new LEGO instrument brick as 71033 The Muppets includes a specialised banjo element. A brick-built banjo was also included in 10222 Winter Village Post Office, offering an interesting comparison to see how the LEGO banjo has evolved.

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3 thoughts on “Six things we found in the LEGO 71033 The Muppets Collectible Minifigures

  • 19/04/2022 at 06:41

    Seeing the Muppet in mini figures

  • 17/04/2022 at 22:58

    No Animal with his drum kit! No, I cannot picture that.

  • 17/04/2022 at 22:17

    Kermit’s banjo is missing a string.


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