Smyths LEGO Star Wars video game pre-order deal

Another week and another UK pre-order deal for the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens video game that is released this coming June. Firstly thanks to Graham for emailing in the news. Smyths Toys stores have followed other retailers to offer their own exclusive pre-order offer. Anyone who orders from them either in store or online will receive a Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle polybag . This will be on all platforms and versions of the game! (good news for us WiiU players)  🙂

But that’s not all the special edition version of the game will ALSO include the exclusive Finn minifigure. this deal is limited to PS3, PS4 and both Xboxs.

You can see the deals on the Smyths website by clicking here.


With so many different deals here is a quick round up of who is doing what, that we know of so far:

  • Amazon pre-order deals (steelbook edition, Finn polybag, season pass & PlayStation Exclusive content including the Phantom Limbs Level Pack and Droids Character Pack.)
  • Game pre-order deals (steelbook edition, Finn polybag and season pass)
  • Zavvi pre-order deals (C-3Po polybag)
  • Tesco pre-order deals (Poe’s X-Wing polybag)

Which one have you pre-ordered?



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