Solo: A LEGO Star Wars Build – Han and Greedo

Brick Fanatics has searched from one corner of the Internet to the other to find the finest LEGO recreations of Han Solo, in celebration of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars triumphantly returns to the month of May, with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story in cinemas this week. Few characters in movie history are as beloved as the smuggler who becomes a hero, demonstrated by just how many LEGO builds are inspired by the character. To celebrate the latest movie in the growing saga, Brick Fanatics has invited talented builders to share their Han Solo models and explain what it is about this iconic character that connects with them.

Han Solo – encounter with Greedo

What do you like about Han Solo?
Han’s likability stems from being played well by Harrison Ford, his character’s role in the Star Wars movies, and lastly his rebel attitude with witty remarks.

What do you think is the key aspect of Han Solo’s character?
The character provides a grounding effecting to the war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. He is an outsider caught up in an intergalactic war and provides an outsider’s point of view.

LEGO Han Greedo Cantina Scene 1

How did you decide to build Han Solo in this way?
I like building characters and I like minifigures. This 8x scale displays well and it is not too big when it comes to sourcing parts.

What do you like about the finished build?
The first iteration was close to this, but I wanted a more expressive build, so I made the model have a posable head, legs and arms.

What is your favourite Han Solo moment?
I enjoy watching scenes with Han and Leia. They add a relatable human depth to the Star Wars films, which otherwise is full of sci-fi action adventure.

You can find more of Miro’s work on Flickr, under the handle Miro Dudas.


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