Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser breakdown and LEGO speculation

Just three and a half months before Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives in cinemas, Lucasfilm has given fans a first peek at the film – so what will LEGO fans find within the 45 seconds of footage?

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, it was announced that as well as continuing the Star Wars saga, ‘stand alone’ movies would be released. Although touted as something new, Caravan of Courage, the Battle of Endor and The Clone Wars had all demonstrated that Star Wars could do different things in the two hour format… although not necessarily in a way that delighted fans or critics. The first new Star Wars stand alone, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, demonstrated what these films could be.

After doing something a little different in a familiar time frame, Lucasfilm opted for a safer option for the second stand alone, with Solo: A Star Wars Story fitting into a safe Hollywood category – that of the origin movie. Aiming for a more comedic tone, Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon scripted a film that would explore Han Solo before the events of the classic trilogy. A troubled production saw The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired from the project, before Ron Howard arrived to re-shoot enough footage to earn himself the director’s credit.

The behind the scenes turmoil no doubt contributed to a delayed marketing push. Now, ahead of the film’s release in May, fans finally have a first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Warning: There is speculation, conjecture and information about rumoured LEGO sets from here on out – do not proceed if you are sensitive to extrapolating information from seconds of footage…


Sharp angles and a lack of colour – this seems to be the interior of an Imperial base. Han Solo may not yet have joined the Rebel Alliance, but it seems he will be coming into contact with the Empire during the course of the movie.

Solo_A_Star_Wars_Story_Teaser_02Yep, that’s the Empire alright. This moody shot is a nice, dramatic way of introducing the familiar shape of a Star Destroyer. The only LEGO one currently available is 75190 First Order Star Destroyer, so perhaps there is room for the Imperial version to get the brick treatment again.


It’s a new TIE Fighter! It would not be a post-prequel Star Wars movie without one. There is only one of this new version in the shot, flanked by two regular TIE Fighters – that suggests that this may be the personal vessel of the movie’s big bad. This would make a lot of sense to be released as a LEGO set.


The teaser’s only indication that Solo: A Star Wars Story intends to have a more comedic tone than most Star Wars films is this Imperial Officer’s bureaucratic nature, implied by the delivery of his dialogue. Perhaps more humour will be included in the full trailer when it arrives in around 12 hours time?


In the Expanded Universe, Han Solo was an ace swoop bike racer. It looks like he will be enjoying some high octane thrills in Solo: A Star Wars Story in a chase between more traditional speeders. If anyone had been worried that the LEGO Group would not have any boxy, grey vehicles to release alongside the film, then this footage will be reassuring.


The movement of these characters makes them seem  like droids rather than humans in suits. We’ll take minifigures of these guys, please.


It’s the Millennium Falcon, but new. The safest bet for a tie-in LEGO set for this movie is the Millennium Falcon.


Did you know that an origin movie has to show every significant event in a character’s life, including how their star ship goes from being clean and shiny to beat up and discoloured? If not, that might be because it is not the case. But rather than show a few key choices that set Han Solo on a path to becoming the scoundrel fans meet in A New Hope, it looks like Lucasfilm has to play it safe and show every key event, including how he acquires the Millennium Falcon. Expect the first meeting between Han and Lando, too.


Emilia Clarke is playing Qi’Ra in the film. Neither Princess Leia nor Padme’s hair stylists were available this time around, so the character has settled for a look that is very much of this world. Still, it will make it easier for the LEGO Group to choose a hairpiece.


New droid! This bot looks similar to the tactical droids that appear in Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, or perhaps Alpha from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


This massive, imposing machine looks like a rather hefty vehicle of the Empire, in a shot that shows a snow planet that the movie will visit. Hopefully this particular grey box is too large to be released as a LEGO set.


Woody Harrelson is portraying Tobias Beckett in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and will undoubtedly be one of the minifigures included somewhere in the LEGO range.


The characters will at some point visit a place of indulgence, perhaps along the lines of the Mos Eisley Cantina, Jabba’s Palace and the Outlander Club.


So that big grey machine will be the location for a one-on-one duel. That is presumably Han Solo on the left, facing off against a guy in an ornate mask. Who will that be? And will the LEGO minfigure require a special moulded element?


It’s Lando Calrissian. Can Donald Glover match Billy Dee Williams’ cool? Okay, let’s try again… can Donald Glover bring half of Billy Dee Williams’ cool to the role?


It’s the Millennium Falcon again, and once again it is conveniently lit in a way that makes it hard to see clearly. it seems that the filmmakers not yet ready to reveal the fresh new Falcon, that has not yet been bashed and battered during years of smuggling.


This is the first proper look at Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo.


In the best Chewbacca moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he is entering the elevator on Starkiller base with Han Solo, ready to head back out into the now – so Chewbacca passes Han’s coat to him. The relationship between the pair is very important to Star Wars fans, and has the potential to provide some nice moments in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released on May 25. The LEGO Star Wars sets based on the film will launch on April 20. The current range of LEGO Star Wars sets are available at, with double points for Star Wars VIP card holders during February.

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