Star Wars at 40: Build an Imperial Sentry Droid

As Brick Fanatics’ celebration of 40 years of Star Wars continues, here is a neat little LEGO build to try that recreates Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Imperial Sentry Droid

You may remember the Grand Admiral Thrawn’s office vignette that we shared on May the Fourth, a date that always celebrates Star Wars – but has been somewhat overshadowed this year, because we celebrate a much more significant milestone in Star Wars history.

The Grand Admiral was introduced to official Star Wars canon in the third season of Star Wars Rebels, and is set to return when Season Four launches later this year. The physical nature of his character was revealed late in the year, which saw him undertaking an intense training regimen which pitted him in hand to hand combat against Imperial Sentry Droids.


Unfortunately, the Sentry Droids have not shown up in any kind of official LEGO set – Thrawn himself was only thrown in with 75170 The Phantom (reviewed here) seemingly as an afterthought. These fearsome looking Imperial killing machines are nonetheless have been shown to be quite lethal, a nice little addition to Star Wars lore.

For this build, I set about constructing a minifigure scale version of these droids around the Death Star Trooper helmet which resembles their heads. These are the parts that I used:


To build one of these droids, follow these instructions:

To get the Grand Admiral Thrawn minifigure, and give your Sentry Droid someone to duel, 75170 The Phantom is available to buy from You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links.


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