Star Wars at 40: Five A New Hope sets you should own

As part of Brick Fanatics’ celebration of 40 years of Star Wars, this is a list of five LEGO Star Wars sets that you should pick up to recreate the original movie

Fans coming fresh to LEGO Star Wars often get frustrated at the high aftermarket prices of the many, many retired sets. Where to start? how to build a collection? Especially with the recent focus on the new films, it can be hard for those looking to focus on the classic movies. But there are actually some nice sets that could start or complement a collection available right now. All of the sets in this list can currently be purchased at, and would be great for anyone looking for nice sets based on the film that started it all.


75173 Luke’s Landspeeder

One of the most memorable vehicles from the classic trilogy lacks the firepower and battle-readiness of those it shares the screen with. Everyone can identify with Luke Skywalker when he jumps into his old beaten-up Landspeeder to travel across the desert in search of his destiny. It has been represented in LEGO bricks a few times, but the aftermarket prices tend to creep up when it is off the market. So this latest version is well worth picking up – especially as it includes the fancy-headed Tusken Raider.


260717_75159DeathStar75159 Death Star

That’s no moon, it’s a reference too often used in these sorts of articles. 75159 Death Star is an updated version of the set that sold exclusively in LEGO Stores and at for a decade. There is a reason it is only slightly changed for the new version, and that is that there was little to fix with the original. It’s an absolute treat of a set, a completely unique build experience that loses no fascination once on the shelf. It is so much fun to fiddle with, bringing out the inner child in any LEGO Star Wars fan. If you can cough up the hefty price tag, it is worth every penny.


75165 Imperial Trooper Battle Pack

It certainly isn’t possible to have too many Stormtroopers or Imperial stooges, and this battle pack provides a nice opportunity to really fill out these ranks. Especially if you have indulged in the Death Star, then plenty more crew members are needed to keep that battle station afloat and really make it pop.


75136 Droid Escape Pod

Another set, alongside the Landspeeder, that always shoots up in price when a version is not on the shelves is the Escape Pod. This is a particularly appealing release thanks to the inclusion of the Jawas in a set that is an awful lot cheaper than the Sandcrawler is on the secondary market. The Escape Pod build is neat although a little big parts and sticker based, but the main appeal with this set are the minifigures and the price.


75172 Y-wing Starfighter

The minifigures included may make it clear that this bomber is based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but this still reflects the ships seen in A New Hope. The LEGO Group have always tackled the Y-wing well, and this latest version continues that trend. Even if you are not partial to the stand alone story, the minifigures included will happily fit into the back of a Rebel hangar or briefing scene. Oh, and if you are a greebling fan then this will be an especially appealing treat.

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