Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 trailer breakdown (and LEGO set hunt)

The first trailer for Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 has been released – the

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Group has mined this series hard for sets, will there be enough material for new offerings before the show concludes?

Disney and Lucasfilm have released a first official look at Rebels Season 4 as part of a live panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Season 3 just wrapped with an epic defeat for the Rebels at the hands of Grand Admiral Thrawn. This new trailer gives a few hints as to how the Rebellion will pick up the pieces and where the

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Group may go with future products.

Warning: whilst speculative, the below does contain potential spoilers. As with our look at The Last Jedi trailer, all the LEGO talk is purely speculation and educated guesswork. Mainly speculation.

First, a big piece of news was announced right before the trailer was run. This will be the final season of Rebels. As such, it will be our last round of adventures with this crew and the last chance for the LEGO Group to produce sets in conjunction with a new season.



GOTG-28Both the discussion right before the trailer dropped and the fact that she voiced the trailer indicates that this season is going to focus on the family aspect of the 5 main characters as seen through the eyes of Hera. Much of the action centered around her and she appears in three different outfits during the short trailer. Those who have seen the previous seasons know that seeing her in anything outside of her flight garb is rare. Perhaps we will get some minifigures of her in both traditional Twi’lek garb as well as in Rebel pilot gear!



GOTG-13The trailer did not give a coherent sense of plot, just snippets of locations, characters and events. One of the most interesting and exciting of these is the clear focus on Mandalore. It appears that a lot of action will happen on that planet. Perhaps an all out battle with the Empire, or the Civil War that was hinted at in the finale of season 3. We see Ezra in Mandalorian garb as well as some characters that those of us who watched the Clone Wars will recognise.

The Clone Wars was the last time we got a meaningful number of Mandalorian LEGO sets as they figured prominently during several Clone Wars arcs. The much loved 7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack featured four of these warriors in identical garb. Perhaps this time around we will get a pack with different prints. There are also a host of interesting location based sets which could be made such as Sabine’s homestead,


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streets from the domed metropolises that dot the planet’s desert and more.



GOTG-6Mandalore is not the only location that figures heavily in the trailer. It appears our Rebels will finally connect fully with the larger Rebellion and make their way, perhaps permanently, to Yavin 4. Here Agent Kallus appears to have fully embraced his new role and we see several scenes of the exterior of the base including one that shows damaged ships returning from battle. The Massassi Temple is one of the few major locations from the original trilogy that has never been made into a LEGO set. Fans have long clamored for a UCS sized offering, perhaps this will be the time.


GOTG-9The overall sense from the trailer is that this season will be even more character driven than the three preceding ones. A lot of focus is given to returning characters but there are also a few very intriguing new inclusions. The first is Rukh the Noghri. Those who have not read Timothy Zahn’s trilogy of novels from the early 1990s may be unfamiliar with this character – he is Thrawn’s bodyguard whose relationship with his employer proves…interesting, to not give away anything more spoilerish than that. Clearly he is no friend of the Rebels for at least part of the season as he is shown fighting what, based on the lightsaber, can be assumed to be Kanan and Ezra in disguise on speeder bikes. Speeders have formed the bulk of two previous Rebels sets and it seems based on this scene that we can likely expect another offering with Rukh as a new figure.

GOTG-16The second is what appears to be a large, unnamed, wolf. Kanan is shown interacting with him and, far more interestingly, he is shown carrying what appears to be a badly wounded Sabine held by a concerned Ezra. The appearance of both Ezra and Kanan in proximity to this creature implies it is perhaps force sensitive. For him to be accurately sized he would need to be brick built, so perhaps he will be represented in a manner similar to the Legend Beasts from Chima a few years back.

GOTG-15From the brief moments shown in the trailer, there did not appear to be a huge number of vehicles which we have not seen in LEGO form through the years. The U-wing from Rogue One makes an appearance as well as what looks to potentially be some variant on that craft. While similar, it has only two rear engines not four.

As has been the case throughout Rebels’ run, Hera’s ship the Ghost, which serves as the de facto home for our five main heroes, figures prominently in this trailer. It was obvious from the start of the show that Disney intended this ship to be a character in its own right, much like the Millennium Falcon is. It has been three years since the last incarnation, set 75053, was released to correspond with the show’s first season. A three-year turnaround on a remake is not without precedent in the LEGO Star Wars portfolio so it is entirely possible that we could see a new Ghost to fill in the gap for kids and fans who have only recently started watching the show.

Two major questions remain completely devoid of input after this trailer. First, no hint was given as to whether or not fan favorite Ahsoka would return in this final season of Rebels, we have only gotten one figure of her as an adult so hopefully if she did survive her Season 2 duel with Vader we will get a final figure of her. Second, the fate of Ezra and Kanan remains a mystery. It seems like too big a plot hole for them to remain alive into the Luke Skywalker era, how Disney resolves that remains to be seen.

However, there was a hint that perhaps, just perhaps, Kanan and Hera will finally get together this season as a very tender moment between them was shown.


The final season of Rebels will air starting in the fall. It appears based on this trailer that a rousing and action packed close to the much-loved show is coming! Here’s hoping that we have a final wave of LEGO sets to match.

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