Stop by this LEGO Dwarven jewelcrafter shop on the way to your next adventure

Fantasy LEGO builds are always a treat, a diamond in the rough of sorts, one LEGO fan is bringing that saying to life with an impressive LEGO Dwarven jewelcrafter shop.

In fantasy works, Dwarves are usually portrayed as rough, tough and skilled miners. At least one of those is true in this LEGO build as a group of Dwarves work hard to collect and craft some LEGO jewels.

Chris Perron on Flickr created this astounding hillside build, which features an underground dwarven shop with plenty of details for fans to spot, above, outside and inside the build.

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On the outside, the stone building sticks out of a large hill next to a dirt path, with plenty of SNOT techniques used to create natural curves up the hillside. At the top, an adventurer journeys onward, axe in hand and shield at the ready.

Interior space is much larger than the shopfront makes it appear, with it sprawling out through all available space in the build. A chimney at the right sticks out the top of the hill. A busy Dwarf forges a light blue sword, possibly embedded with gemstones gathered by the Dwarves outside.

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NEXO KNIGHTS shields and LEGO Minecraft track pieces in grey are used to form pillars lining the walls while a nearby table houses a barrel of some fantastical drink with LEGO tool pieces used for the tap and silverware.

More images of this fantasy-themed build can be seen on Chris Perron’s Flickr page, where he names his inspiration for the build as the Dwarven town of Thelsamar from the World of Warcraft game.

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