Storm Eleanor washes up more LEGO bricks on British beaches

In the wake up of Storm Eleanor, rubbish and debris – including LEGO elements – is being washed up on British beaches.

UK fans are aware that after containers of LEGO bricks fell into the sea in 1997, pieces have been washing up on beaches in Cornwall ever since. Since Storm Eleanor hit the coast on New Year’s Day, the deep water churned up has caused more debris to land on beaches on the South West coast. Watergate Bay in Newquay is reported to have been one of the worst affected beaches.


IBT reports that it is following such storms that LEGO pieces are washed up in the greatest numbers.

Speaking to the BBC, Martin Dorey who is leading some of the clean-up work described the scene as “horrendous”.

He urged visitors to the beach to spend just two minutes litter-picking to help with the waste clearance effort.

Local residents are helping with the clean up effort, but the quantity washed up makes it a time consuming process.



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