Students compete in LEGO robotics contest

School children in California have been competing to get through the next round of a LEGO robotics contest in the Robotics Apple Valley First LEGO League. It is the sixth year of the tournament, that sees students demonstrate their robotics prowess. As with other First LEGO League tournaments, entrants must program their creation to complete a set objective. Each team is then scored on four categories.

The Daily Press reported from the event:

“We have children ranging from eight to 14-years-old from far as Beaumont, Costa Mesa and Temecula to compete to showcase their skills and everything they have worked hard for leading up to this day,” said Tournament Coordinator Sean Gillett. “It’s amazing to see them using computer coding, building and engineering these robots at their age.”

“Each year the competition just keeps getting bigger and every year we hope that these students walk away learning about the value of teamwork and maybe making some new friends along the way for their love of engineering,” said Vanguard Robotics Teacher Jared Wolf.

Students around the world are competing in regional tournaments, that will eventually lead to the World Championships in Houston, Texas.


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