Students name the LEGO Group as most attractive employer

Students in Denmark have named the LEGO Group as one of the most desirable employers to work for.

A report named ‘Denmark’s most attractive employers 2017’ asked 15,000 students about their preferred post-University employers, with the LEGO Group named as one of the most attractive employers. The Copenhagen Post reveals that business students considered the LEGO Group the most appealing employer of all.

Further breakdown shows where other disciplines ranked the LEGO Group:

Within engineering/natural sciences, Novo Nordisk ranked top, followed by Lego, Rambøll, Novozymes and Google. Google also finished top in the IT category, ahead of the likes of Microsoft, Lego, Blizzard and Apple. Finally, within law, the top spot was occupied by the Justice Ministry, followed by Kromann Reumert.

The positive ethos that the LEGO Group is renowned for may be part of the reason for the desirability, as work/life balance came out as important in the survey.

The students indicated that their top career aspiration was to have a good work/life balance, with 50 percent indicating as such. Some 44 percent said they wanted to be dedicated to a cause or to feel they were serving the greater good, and 42 percent said they wanted to be competitively and intellectually challenged.

The news shows that despite recent cutbacks leading to redundancies, the LEGO brand still has a positive perception among Danish students.


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