Five new LEGO sets you might have overlooked in Spring 2021

With so many sets due to release this month, it can be easy for some to pass you by, so

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The curious adventures of the LEGO husky dog

The LEGO husky dog is a faithful friend to minifigures that in the LEGO world has apparently existed just about everywhere, so

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Top five LEGO couples spending Valentine’s Day together

The LEGO Group has been home to many lovebirds over its history, so this Valentine’s day Brick Fanatics is ranking

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Top five LEGO themes we’d love to see get the 23122 Pirates of Barracuda Bay treatment

LEGO Pirates briefly returned last year with the release of 21322 Barracuda Bay, but so many other classic themes deserve

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Top five LEGO monster trucks

The LEGO Group loves monster trucks and with many sets based on the off-road vehicles, Brick Fanatics finds the best

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