Take a virtual walk around Billund with the latest Bits N’ Bricks podcast

If you’re unable to get to the home of the LEGO Group in person, the Bits N’ Bricks podcast is happy to give you an audio tour.

For many LEGO fans, one of the lines on their bucket list is a trip to Billund, Denmark. It might be on the western side of a medium-sized Nordic country, but for devotees of the brick, Billund is pretty much the centre of the universe. However, if your luggage label doesn’t currently say ‘Billund Airport’, but you’d still like a walk around, then the Bits N’ Bricks podcast have just the thing.

The LEGO House

The officially-sanctioned podcast has been running for a few years now, hosted by Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente. In their latest episode, they recount the week they spent in and around the city that the LEGO Group calls home. The episode combines a little bit of history, a little bit of trivia and a number of interviews. Over the course of an hour, Ethan And Brian give the listener an idea of what it’s like to go on the fabled Factory Tour, take a peek at the archives and meet the Mayor.

You can listen to the episode by hitting play on the YouTube video above. The guys are now up to episode 49, and you can listen to other editions of the podcast by clicking through to the LEGO Gaming Youtube channel.

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