Ten Disney characters who would make perfect LEGO BrickHeadz

With the LEGO BrickHeadz delving into the Disney archive for inspiration, Brick Fanatics lists 10 characters who would be perfect for the theme

Disney films hold a special place in the hearts of many. From fond childhood memories, through the characters playing important role-models, to finding new depth in adulthood, there is just something about Disney that captures the imagination. When you put together LEGO and Disney, the ingredients are there for a winning combination.

The LEGO Group covers the Disney licence as its own dedicated theme, and also visits the source material in the BrickHeadz range. There is an unconfirmed rumour that the BrickHeadz theme is coming to an end next year, which would be a shame as there are still so many films to mine for their amazing characters. Here are 10 that would add a sprinkling of pixie dust into any collection…

Edna Mode (The Incredibles/Incredibles 2)

The undisputed fashion queen from The Incredibles, Edna Mode may only have brief screen time but is a firm Pixar fan favourite. Edna’s outfits are unusual and stylish simultaneously, while her trademark round glasses and severe haircut make the character instantly recognisable. One piece of advice to the LEGO designers if they make her into a BrickHeadz model – “no capes”.

Anger (Inside Out)

All the emotions from Inside Out were inspired by shapes, and Anger was loosely based on a fire-brick. He looks quite like a BrickHeadz figure without yet actually being one. His short temper causes him to develop flames over his head which could be re-created effectively via trans-orange pieces. He would be great to display on your desk for when you are having a bad day at the office.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

Maleficent is the self-proclaimed mistress of all evil from Sleeping Beauty and one of the most memorable Disney villains. With her spiralling horns, green-tinged skin and ragged cloak she really knew how to make an entrance when crashing a party. Maleficent would make for a unique BrickHeadz figure because of her horns and could be accompanied by her faithful raven Diablo in much the same way that Hedwig is included in 41615 Harry Potter & Hedwig.

Moana & Maui (Moana)

Based around the mythology from the South Pacific Islands, Moana has a visual aesthetic unlike any other Disney film. Moana’s beautifully layered short dress with its intricate detailing could make for such a bright BrickHeadz figure, especially if her sea-shell necklace was also included. The audacious demigod Maui has tattoos all over his body representing his great feats, which could easily be printed onto tiles. Let’s hope the ocean calls the LEGO designers.

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

We’re all mad (about LEGO) here. Alice may have a simple appearance but she makes up for it with a bold colour combination of a blue dress matched with a white apron. In overall style a figure of Alice could be done in a similar way to 41625 Minnie Mouse. Alice’s long strawberry-blonde hair would be easy to make from LEGO bricks and her black headband would break it up nicely.

Baymax (Big Hero 6)

We could all do with a Baymax in our lives. Someone to give marshmallowy hugs, scan us for injuries and state the obvious. The healthcare robot is basically inflated balloons shaped into a humanoid form with his eyes being his most unusual feature. They are influenced by Japanese suzu-bells and are simply two black circles connected by a line. He would make for a very simple but awfully cute BrickHeadz figure.

Winnie the Pooh & Piglet (Winnie the Pooh)

“The things that make me different are the things that make me,” wrote Winnie the Pooh author A. A. Milne. The phrase perfectly describes why Pooh could make for a truly original BrickHeadz figure. A warm yellow bear with a red t-shirt could cheer up anyone on a grey day. Of course, the silly old bear couldn’t come without his best friend Piglet. It was a missed opportunity by the LEGO Group when Christopher Robin was released a few months back, so let’s hope Pooh hasn’t missed his chance.

Aladdin & Jasmine (Aladdin)

Aladdin may be a diamond in the rough, but the LEGO design team have a few outfits to choose from. Either his jumbled together street clothes or Prince Ali disguise would work. Jasmine’s turquoise costume is practically the exact same shade as medium azure bricks and could be accented with pearl gold for her jewellery. With a live action release on the way, the timing could be perfect for a BrickHeadz visit to Agrabah.

Lilo & Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)

Most Disney fans can recognise Stitch with his big ears, and bigger mouth, even if they have never seen the film, and an all-blue BrickHeadz model would be very eye-catching. Lilo’s dresses with their floral patterns would certainly add a bold splash of Hawaiian colour and make for a nice contrast. Here is hoping for a pot of ohana in the future of LEGO BrickHeadz.

Carl Fredricksen & Russell (Up)

The unlikely heroic duo of Carl and Russell show that friends can come from unlikely places, and would be fantastic in a box together. Russell has so much equipment – his enormous backpack could be brick-built, while his sash with every badge it’s possible to earn as a scout would need to be printed. Carl’s glasses could be perfectly reproduced using the recently introduced piece from 41597 Go Brick Me, and his famous grape-soda pin would need to be printed onto his lapel. As a final touch, maybe Dug could be released in an accompanying set, preferably come in his “point” position.

With so many Disney films to choose from, and new ones continually being released, there is what feels like a never-ending list of characters who are worthy to translate into BrickHeadz models. Fans will be hoping that the theme continues, and continues to incorporate the most beloved Disney characters.

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