Ten more projects up for LEGO Ideas consideration

Another review period has closed for the LEGO Ideas platform, with 10 projects up for consideration.

Earlier this week, the second 2018 qualifying period for LEGO Ideas drew to a close, with 10 projects having reached the 10,000 vote threshold. The projects, submitted by passionate brick fanatics, will now be reviewed by the LEGO Ideas team to see which – if any – will be selected for release as official products.

Here are the 10 projects that are now being considered:

1. SpaceX Falcon Heavy by khehmeyer
2. International Space Station by XCLD
03. SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection by Matthew Nolan & Whatsuptoday
4. Steamboat Willie by szabomate90
05. M&M’s Chocolate Candy Dispenser by EDxAS
06. Rolls-Royce UltraFan® – The Ultimate Jet Engine by DanCodd
07. Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Lego Speed Champions by AbFab1974
08. Fiat 500 F by saabfan & gabriele.zannotti
09. The Central Perk Coffee of Friends by Mric76
10. Mexico City & LEGO = ? by LegoFan_506

LEGO Ideas second 2018 review

As is often the case, the projects that have achieved the necessary level of support include several based on existing intellectual properties, such as M&M’s, Peugeot and Disney. The results of this review will be announced early in 2019.

The next LEGO Ideas release will be the Pop Up Book. LEGO Ideas 21311 Voltron is available now from shop.LEGO.com.


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