The 911 GT3 – Preview


I am very grateful and privileged to be writing for Brickfanatics – it is something I enjoy immensely.

Although the arrival of wee bairn No 2, it has been very difficult of late – I have got set reviews written up by not yet typed! Both arms in the evening are pre-occupied with bottles and the holding of little people, but it has given the opportunity to catch up with ‘The Walking Dead‘ which is now getting interesting.

I digress.

Richard has very kindly allowed me the honour of reviewing one of LEGO’s flagship sets of 2016 as per the picture above. Suffice to say when it arrived at work I did nothing for 30 minutes despite a mass of work ahead of me. I even had to go home, get the car and stick it in the boot to prevent itchy building finders from happening during the lunch hour.

My review of this set will follow shortly here on BF – so apologies in advance for any delay on musings and opinion. Quality over speed.

I can’t wait to get started on this one.




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