The adventures of the world’s smallest Coastguard Rescue Team

There’s a new rescue team in town helping people to stay safe when visiting the coast this year – and they are only 4cm tall! They may be small but the ‘wee guys’ in the world’s smallest Coastguard Rescue Team have a big message to share and are pulling out all the stops to reach as many people as possible.

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I’m Kevin Paterson, the man behind the project, a new contributor on Brick Fanatics and for my first article I will give you more detail on the project : “As a volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer with HM Coastguard Search and Rescue, I’ve seen first-hand the great work being done on a daily basis around the country by volunteer teams from both the Coastguard and the RNLI. I’ve also seen how many of the incidents could have been avoided by taking a few simple coastal safety steps.”

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“As someone who’s passionate about the power of social media, I wanted to utilise this platform in an effort to further promote this great work being done but more importantly highlight some key safety messages to help people of all ages stay safe at the coast. It was at this point my thoughts turned to LEGO.”

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“Like many people around the world, I was a big fan of LEGO as a child and have really fond memories of spending endless hours building and playing with LEGO as a kid. At the time, the Space, Pirates and LEGO system city-based products would capture my wild imagination and create memories that I’ll always remember.”

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“The LEGO took a back seat as I went through my teenage years and was all but forgotten about until early 2014 when I first stumbled across the upcoming release of the LEGO City Arctic Exploration sets. Instantly my childhood love for LEGO came flooding back to me. Within two weeks of the sets being released I had purchased them all which would set me off on my new found status as an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL).”

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“With a background in digital media, I banded around the idea of having the LEGO Arctic Explorers setting out to explore the modern world, but wanted to do something that could ultimately help people. Turning to my Search and Rescue experience was a natural progression of the original idea and with that, the World’s Smallest Coastguard Rescue Team was born.”

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“Using the popularity of LEGO and the power of social media instantly worked as the project quickly went from strength to strength, with real-world Coastguard Rescue Teams really getting behind the project and helping to support and share the safety messages. In addition to promoting coastal safety, the ‘wee guys’ have also been busy promoting the Search and Rescue Community around the country by visiting the vast range of specialist services which help keep the public safe in all sorts of environments.”

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“I can honestly say I never expected the project to take off in the way that it has. The impact and reach in less than nine month’s has been better than I could have ever hoped for and there’s some really exciting developments currently in the pipeline both within the Search and Rescue and also the LEGO community. It’s such a great feeling to be able to combine a number of passions for the greater good – as the saying goes – everything is awesome.”

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Want to find out more? You can follow the adventures of the World’s Smallest Coastguard Rescue Team online at Twitter or Facebook.

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Hey I'm Kev Paterson and an AFOL based in sunny Scotland. My adult life is spent working full time for the emergency services and I'm also a member of HM Coastguard Search & Rescue in my spare time. LEGO is my way of de-stressing from the demands of my grown up world. My work in Search & Rescue has also led to the creation of the 'wee guys' in the world's smallest Coastguard Rescue Team combining my love for LEGO and the power of social media to promote coastal safety and the work of the Coastguard. Main LEGO interests are the city series with the occasional Star Wars and Superhero thrown in for good measure.


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    09/09/2015 at 10:21

    Fab article, really enjoyed reading more about the background of this project and I’ve been following their adventures on Twitter for sometime now.

    Welcome to the team 🙂

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