The Archer Custom Minifigure

SH Custom Minifigs are a new vendor who have made an instant impact on the LEGO custom minifigure community with their first release –  The Archer. This minifigure is a very high quality pad printed custom minifigure, printed on brand new LEGO pieces.

The Archer features a double-sided head, front and back torso printing, and printing to the front of the legs. He also comes with arm printing and a green LEGO hood.

The design looks fantastic and the stand-out features include the green mask and the arm printing. Made in very limited quantities, this custom minifgure is sure to sell out very quickly!

You can buy The Archer Custom Minifigure exclusively at while stocks last.

The Archer SH Custom Minifigs


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2 thoughts on “The Archer Custom Minifigure

  • 12/11/2015 at 20:30

    Everyone moans about Hong Kong companies like Sheung Yuan or Decool ripping off designs, but this is ok ?
    It’s a strange grey area. The price is insane, The Decool designs are better anyway and I could order 50 of them for the same price as 1 of these ! The world has gone mad

    • 23/11/2015 at 23:04

      The reason that people complain about Decool and the others is down to the fact that they are infringing on LEGO’s trademark of the Minifigure and therefore makes this illegal in every country (pretty much) other than China. The quality of these cheap clone brands usually is very poor and that’s why the price is so low.

      Some people are purists and some are not each to their own, but personally i have and never will buy anything that isn’t at least made from LEGO elements for my collection.


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