The BBC test LEGO manager on clone brands

In a recent segment, BBC News highlighted the problem of clone brands imitating authentic LEGO products. To illustrate the point, Richard Wong, General Manager of Asia Manufacturing for the LEGO Group was shown two minifigures. One real minifigure, and one imitation – and even he picked the wrong one.

The production of fake LEGO products, under brands such as Lepin, has been an increasing problem for the company since a portion of manufacturing was moved to China. Different laws pertaining to copyright have allowed clone brands to flourish. It has a negative impact for buyers looking to buy loose LEGO bricks on the secondary market, as the risks of getting fake elements increases.

Fans were particularly outraged when Lepin began to manufacture designs taken from respected AFOLs, and the LEGO Group itself is taking a stronger public stance than before against the company.



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