The best LEGO sets of 2016 – 76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle

The Brick Fanatics team have been thinking back over the past year to select which LEGO sets stand out as the best of the bunch. Whether you are looking for a last minute Christmas present, deciding which LEGO set to treat yourself to, or just want to reflect on another LEGO year, enjoy this week-long look back at the best LEGO sets of 2016…

There’s no getting away from just how polarising Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proved upon its release in March. Whether you loved or hated it, though, it was much easier to appreciate the trio of LEGO sets released alongside the DCEU’s first major world-building movie. Personally, I loved it – but don’t let that taint your opinion of my recommendation for the greatest Super Heroes set of 2016.


It’s not hard to see where my love for 76046 comes from, after all. Every main character from the movie is packed into the box, with the eponymous heroes both gifted dual-moulded legs, setting them apart from other incarnations – well, Superman, anyway, with Batman identical to his appearance in 76045.

The real jewel in Sky High Battle’s crown, however, is Wonder Woman. With more printing than you can shake a lasso at, a newly designed hairpiece and awesome sword and shield combo, all she’s really missing is dual-moulded legs of her own. (Although thanks to the LEGO Group’s printing techniques, they may have left her with an awkwardly exposed rear, so their omission is understandable.)


In fact, I’d probably hold Wonder Woman up as my favourite minifigure of 2016, full stop. But 76046 is more than just its minifigures, which is a rare accolade for a Super Heroes set. The helicopter might not be much to look at, but it’s got a striking green colour scheme that makes up for its design shortfalls. The Batwing itself, meanwhile, is basically the most swooshable thing the Caped Crusader has ever flown, which is actually only the second best thing about it. First and foremost, it’s simply an awesomely abnormal design for a vehicle, and in LEGO format, it just works.

If you’re yearning for a Super Heroes set that gets you excited about more than just the minifigures, 76046 is definitely worth a look – particularly as it’s often on sale. But even at RRP, it’s easy to recommend. Super Heroes movie sets tend not to get the same recognition as original designs, but any DC fan would be absolutely remiss to pass this one up.

76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle is available to buy now at the LEGO online shop – currently with double VIP points


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