The Brick Ladd Giveaway!

The Brick Ladd are launching a Christmas competition where you will be able to win one of three different prizes! The top prize is a build built by The Brick Ladd, this is a GIANT HULK Mini-figure which is based around the Limited Edition Hulk pollybag that LEGO released a few years ago.

The build is nearly 2 feet tall and uses nearly 2000 bricks and plates. They will be sad to see it go, but they aresure someone else will enjoy it!

They are also going to have a 2nd and 3rd prize. 2nd place will be set from the LEGO Movie and 3rd place will be a set of their Christmas Decorations!

They will be leaving the competition open until the 16th of December, with the winners being announced on Facebook and Twitter on the 17th December. All items will be shipped out the next day so that the lucky winners get their prizes in time for Christmas!


Now all you need to do to win these prizes is fill out the form on their website:

Good luck!


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