The LEGO Batman Movie 70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack Review

This smaller set from The LEGO Batman Movie range sees Batman take on his old foe Mr. Freeze, who has equipped himself with a specialist mech-suit. 

Price: £19.99 / $19.99 / €24.99 (DE) Pieces: 201 Available: Now

In my household there is a lot anticipation in advance of the new LEGO Batman Movie and the release of both the Collectible Minifigure series and the new sets helps to fill the void ahead of the release date. There are a lot of great sets to support the film release, but is this one of them?

This really is a build of two halves – the first half is a fairly pedestrian build of our hero Batman, a security guard and the factory backdrop. This was my first chance to see Batman’s utility belt as a separate part rather than printed and it didn’t disappoint. It was also really pleasing to see a spare utility belt in the box which was quickly retrofitted to one of my other Batman minifigures. The security guard comes complete with tank, helmet and visor and the head is printed on both sides to give a choice of expressions – normal and blind panic.


The factory scene is a very straightforward build and once complete looks okay, but doesn’t add to the playability of the set other than a chance for a coffee in between battles. Reading through the instructions there’s a page which suggests that this set is combined with 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape and 70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery, which does give better overall effect when the three parts of Gotham Energy are combined.

The second half of the build is much more satisfying as we move on to the Mr. Freeze minifigure and his mech-suit. The appeal of this set for most may be in the Mr. Freeze minifigure which is really neat once the chest plate and glass dome have been fitted. The build of the freeze gun is also enjoyable and uses some nice parts, with a stud shooter on the top.


Building the mech-suit is an absolute delight with respect to the part usage and build experience. The blue/white hoses look fantastic and there’s great use of the ray gun part which adds to the overall aesthetic of this build. Great use of ball and socket joints and the blue boots do look good. What struck me the most though was both how posable and resilient the mech-suit is – my five year old played with this set for a good couple of hours and even though Mr. Freeze was in, out, and back in again the build held together despite heated battles.

So to conclude, Mr. Freeze Ice Attack is a mixed bag but the mech-suit is enough to swing it as it’s so well executed and provides enough playability to make up where other elements lack.

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