The LEGO Batman Movie 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off review

Like a cloud of fear gas, you may not expect to like 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off, but, once you’ve experienced it, you probably won’t be able to remember life before it

Price: £11.99 / $14.99 / €17.99  Pieces: 141 Available: Now

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Scarecrow has ended up with a bit of a rough deal, floating around in his gyrocopter, when other rogues in The LEGO Batman Movie’s range have been gifted all manner of large vehicle to cause chaos with. But before you do feel sorry for the farm-based fiend, consider that this has really been Dr. Jonathan Crane’s year in LEGO. Following on from 76054 Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear and 70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery, 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off is our third Scarecrow-themed LEGO set inside the past 12 months, offering our third brand new and exclusive minifigure of the character too.


Indeed, he’s level with the Joker and has even surpassed the likes of Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Two-Face and Catwoman in having two sets from TLBM directly themed around him. Not bad going. So, at £11.99, the question is not about whether Scarecrow has been given the adequate tools at his disposal, but rather if at that price, a third new version of the character and a third different vehicle for him will be enough for 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off to tempt you to part with your cash.

It’s a set that is very similar in concept and build experience to 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape – it has the same number of minifigures and at 141 pieces, more LEGO for the same price. There’s a bit of scenery, whilst a lot more attention and detail has gone into the main build than the size of it would otherwise suggest. The gyrocopter may be small, but it’s not light on interesting connection points, nor clever techniques, making for a neat and solid final vehicle that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The same can also be said of Batman’s jetpack/glider. It’s only 12 pieces, none of which are unique, but the design is clever and a more-than-worthy addition to Bats’ collection of similarly-sized LEGO-built modes of transportation.

Minifigure-wise, Batman is an older variant, due to that jetpack restricting the use of the belt piece otherwise a part of every Batman in the TLBM range. Scarecrow is a new minifigure, specifically with the design of the torso and the colouring of the hat-and-hairpiece. When you compare Scarecrow’s minifigure design through the years, there’s really not a great deal designers can do to differentiate him, but credit to them that they have been able to, and that has continued with the look of this guy – his double-sided headpiece is a fantastic design and whether it is through this set of 70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery, this version of the character is worth picking for that alone.

In terms of a 141-piece set with two minifigures, 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off provides a strong and accessible build, a great looking main vehicle and bat-tool, and an exclusive Scarecrow design worth adding to the collection. At £11.99, it also verges away from the expensive end of the price-assessment spectrum, where a majority of the sets in this The LEGO Batman Movie range sit. Indeed, much like the similarly-priced 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape and the second wave’s other set we have reviewed – 70916 The Batwing – there’s enough to appreciate about 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off that your focus after building it won’t be on the price at all.

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