The LEGO Batman Movie Build – Arkham Asylum Upgrade

70912 Arkham Asylum is the largest of the sets from The LEGO Batman Movie, but can the iconic location hold enough inmates? Today Daniel Konstanski will see if there’s room for a few more

While 70909 Batcave Break In claims the title of being The LEGO Batman Movie set most undersized in comparison to its on screen counterpart, 70912 Arkham Asylum comes a close second. The most obvious omission is enough cells for the criminal characters included, let alone the numerous rogues throughout the range of sets and Collectible Minifigures. Fortunately, this deficiency can be remedied with a few quick changes – and only 22 bricks per side that don’t come with the set (yes, we counted).

Here is the original right hand side:


The cell blocks in the official set are built to mirror the opposite side. Accordingly, this modification can be made on one side or both. For the sake of simplicity, the following parts inventory and instructions are for one side only. Simply double the parts and do the same build on the opposing side if you want to install a total of four new cells.


First some demolition is required.

Now, start building the walls back up, adding the new cell block as you go. Currently the green panel component only comes with this set, so a brick built wall or a panel of another colour can be substituted.

The final product is much improved over the original – the only problem, which is of course a good problem, is now there are more cells than minifigures with orange jumpsuits. Perhaps the orange jumpsuit manufacturer went out of business, so inmates are allowed to wear their own outfits – it’s a workable backstory.


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