The LEGO Batman Movie – Batcomputer Build Part 3

‘puter, I’m home. LEGO Batman doesn’t need friends, obviously, but he does need a kick-ass ‘puter to tend to his needs and sort his mail

Today we shall construct the head and supports for Batman’s unnecessarily large Batcomputer. As was the case last time, the screens are all scans and copies of the official computer monitors that come with 70909 Batcave Break-In set, mounted on tiles using sticker paper.

This is the basis of today’s build:

Bat Computer-4

Batcomputer Head

In order to get the proper angle, the ‘puter’s head uses hinges.


With everything now attached, the computer can be mounted. The height can be adjusted to meet your Batcave’s specific needs, the following is the method I used.

Once built, I gave the finished Batcomputer pride of place in my Batcave. It is a dramatic improvement over the version in the set, much closer to what is seen on screen in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Bat Computer-100

Joker Low Rider-4

The LEGO Batman Movie is now on general release. The LEGO Batman Movie range of LEGO sets are currently available to buy at

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