The LEGO Batman Movie Batsuit Build – Runway Backlight

Batman’s impressive wardrobe is given a scale like never before in The LEGO Batman Movie, which inspired this build project to re-create the character’s impressive Batsuit rack with real LEGO bricks

In The LEGO Batman Movie, an important of Batman’s indulgent Batsuit rack is an ostentatious, pulsating backlight that swings up behind the suits as they arrive in front of the runway. It allows Batman to have the dress-up party he deserves, if not the one he needs. This build re-creates that element.

Runway Light-1

Mood Lighting

This is constructed of fairly common parts. The lights can be changed to whatever colour you have available, or even to a mix of colours.

This can then be hung from whatever interior structure you build in the middle of your suit rack to provide support.

Suitrack Total-21

Tomorrow: Completion

Check out the Batsuit build project so far here.

The LEGO Batman Movie is now on general release. The LEGO Batman Movie range of LEGO sets are currently available to buy at

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