The LEGO Batman Movie Batsuit Build – Supports

Batman’s impressive wardrobe is given a scale like never before in The LEGO Batman Movie, which inspired this build project to re-create the character’s impressive Batsuit rack with real LEGO bricks

The Batsuit build is almost complete. Before we can hang up the suits, we need supports for the conveyor belt to run on. The height of these can be adjusted to whatever suits your needs best. I have sized the one shown here to match the runway. The number of these supports will also be determined by the shape you want to achieve. I needed four of them for my Batcave.

Suitrack Total-21

These are designed to have some ‘give’ to them. The weight of the suits requires that the conveyor not be completely rigid or it will pop off.

The Supports

Once you erect your supports, you will need to construct an internal support structure between them. That is what the open connector at the apex of the support is for. I used a combination of connectors and bars as shown below. This must be customised to meet your needs but the following can give you an idea of what is needed.

Finally the mechanism can be motorised by extending an axle down from one of the gear shafts. Conversely, if you don’t want to motorise yours, remove one of the dishes and add a gear or some other part which is easily held to facilitate turning the conveyor by hand.

Tomorrow: The Conveyor

Check out the Batsuit build project so far here.

The LEGO Batman Movie is in cinemas February 10. The LEGO Batman Movie range of LEGO sets are currently available to buy at

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