The LEGO Batman Movie – five LEGO sets not to miss

It’s time to watch The LEGO Batman Movie over and over again – so here are five sets you can build while enjoying the antics of the LEGO Dark Knight…

With the release of The LEGO Batman Movie on home formats, it’s time to put on a low voice, pop in the disc and grab some bricks. This isn’t the cinema anymore, this is the living room, and no-one can stop you from building The LEGO Batman Movie sets while watching the entertaining love letter to Batman from director Chris McKay. To help inspire your next build choice, here are five of the finest sets from The LEGO Batman Movie range.


70905 The Batmobile

For any fan of The LEGO Batman Movie, the absolute must own set has to be 70905 The Batmobile. If anything represents the movie and the titular character, it is this bespoke ride. It includes all of the ingredients that a Batmobile should, but is so ostentatious and ludicrous that it exudes the unique arrogance and lack of self-awareness that defines the character. Better still, Batman and Robin can sit by side in a way that they rarely can in regular DC Super Heroes sets.


70916 The Batwing

If you wish to own the best LEGO Batwing ever, then 70916 The Batwing is the set for you, as has already been gushed about in the Brick Fanatics review. Finally giving the vehicle a piece count that it is worthy of, this decent solid model is eminently swooshable but great for display too. The LEGO Batman Movie got an awful lot right in both the cinematic release and supporting range of LEGO sets, yet this set soars above even those high standards. The LEGO Group’s decision to wait to release it until the recent Summer launch made it all the more satisfying when it finally arrived.


70904 Clayface Splat Attack

70904 Clayface Splat Attack represents the LEGO ethos perfectly, with the character’s changing, moulding possibilities represented with dozens of 2×2 round pieces. The set reproduces the character in about the same scale as he appears for much of the movie, perfectly capturing his animated inspiration. Some of the villain based sets are skippable as the minifigure is the best part, but in this case the character is the set, designed in a way that will be tough for the LEGO design team to top in the future.


70908 The Scuttler

Speaking to Blocks magazine as part of a behind the scenes feature on The LEGO Batman Movie, LEGO Senior Design Manager Michael Fuller explained that 70908 The Scuttler was a challenging set for the team to design. But it was worth it, providing something unique in this version of the Batman world that has a distinctive silhouette and the feeling of being more bat-inspired than almost any other vehicle in Bruce Wayne’s collection. Particularly for those fans who already have an extensive Batman collection, this set really brings something new to the mix.



70917 The Ultimate Batmobile

There is certainly a Marmite quality to 70917 The Ultimate Batmobile, with the very unusual designs making it a tough set to love at a glance. But the set does represent the movie’s message, that Batman must learn to work with those around him and act more selflessly. In that spirit, the multiple vehicles that cleverly detach are good fun but do look best when combined. For those who are fans of the Wizard of Oz, this is also the first chance to get physical versions of the Flying Monkey minifigures that first showed up in LEGO Dimensions.

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