The LEGO Classic range is expanding with another Creative Bricks set

LEGO Classic is set to expand its 2021 range this spring with another affordable Creative Bricks set, offering a bundle of pieces for a minimal price.

The perfect theme for those who simply want a variety of LEGO bricks is expanding with a surprise spring set. LEGO Classic will see the addition of 11012 Creative White Bricks in March with 60 pieces included within.

Part of the LEGO classic theme is the Creative Bricks series of sets, that offer a selection of elements for a low price. So far, there has been two of the sets with 11006 Creative Blue Bricks and 11007 Creative Green Bricks that launched last year. However, one more themed to the colour white will join them next month.

11012 Creative White Bricks has three suggested builds of a seagull, snowman and sheep, all of which share the white colour in common. Of course, these are only there for inspiration and you’re welcome to mix and match the bricks in whatever way you want.

This might be a good opportunity for builders to grab a wide variety of printed eye pieces for a low price when the set releases on March 1 for £4.99 / $4.99 / 4.99€. It also might be a good model to add to your shopping list for passing over any spending thresholds with the introduction of three new offers next month, including another tribute model.

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